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Our Contract

Three Contract Flavors - Royalty Free Commercial, Editorial and Public Domain

When you purchase clips from DVarchive, you will be asked to agree to one or more of our contracts. Although all our clips are royalty free (you pay one fee and can use the clip in perpetuity), some of our clips carry specific limitations on usage. These clips require an "editorial use only" contract be agreed to. If you purchase multiple clips, some clips may require the Royalty Free contract and some may require the Editorial contract. In that case, you will be asked to agree to both contracts (the Editorial contract will only apply to your editorial use clips).

In the case of Public Domain, no license fee is charged, only a handling fee for downloading the clip. You will sign an agreement indemnifying and holding DVarchive harmless from any intended usage of the clip. While we have done our best to verify that the clip is in the Public Domain, we cannot guarantee that all aspects the clip are cleared for all usages. Responsibility for making an independent legal assessment of a clip and obtaining any necessary permissions ultimately rests entirely with you.

You can view our standard Royalty Free, Editorial Use Only and Public Domain contracts by clicking on the links below:

The DVarchive Royalty Free Commercial Use Agreement

The DVarchive Editorial Use Agreement

The DVarchive Public Domain Agreement